Join the thousands of Le’oro Nelech volunteers who believe that
“one good deed lights up the whole world”
and who live by the values of solidarity and giving,
to help the future generation of the State of Israel stand on their own feet.

About Us

About 'Le'Oro Nelech'

Le'Oro Nelech is an educational center for volunteering that works to strengthen the values of mutual responsibility in Israeli society and promote the Jewish and Zionist spirit of giving as a way of life. We operate in hundreds of state and state religious high schools, as well as special education and ultra-orthodox educational systems.

Le’Oro Nelech works in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, high schools, principals, and local authorities, along with the supervision and guidance of the Society and Youth Administration. The program is financed by the Ministry of Education through the youth volunteerism regulation, as well as school participation fees and private donors.

The Le’Oro Nelech vision aims to spread the values of Hesed and giving by following in the footsteps of our nation’s father, Abraham, who exemplifies the value of Hesed, and applying/manifesting the charitable, just and mutually responsible practices of the Jewish people.

Le’Oro Nelech seeks to strengthen mutual responsibility in Israeli society, to instill the value of giving among our nation’s youth, to nurture their awareness and sensitivity, to advance their personal growth and encourage their social involvement.

Le’Oro Nelech operates district directors, who serve as the school’s contact person, and work to connect schools to dozens of institutions and placements in which students volunteer on a weekly basis.

In addition, students participate in educational workshops and activities that reinforce their sense of purpose and continued dedication. The combination of learning and volunteering is cultivating a new generation of caring people, while impacting individuals, families, communities, society and the state of Israel.


Rabbi Beny Wurzmann


Coby Kahana

vice CEO

Yaki Mendelson

Educational Director

Yaniv Lachmani

Jerusalem District Director
and Team Coordinator

Liron Amakias

VP for resource development/Head of the special education field

Lior Ballelis

Haifa and North District Director

Elyasaf Koren

Centeral-Haifa District Director

Liron Roitzid

South District Director and State Education Coordinator

Sagiv Elazar

South District Director


Le'Oro Nelech non-profit permits