Join the thousands of Le’oro Nelech volunteers who believe that
“one good deed lights up the whole world”
and who live by the values of solidarity and giving,
to help the future generation of the State of Israel stand on their own feet.

Always Volunteering

At the heart of the practical stage is regular personal volunteering by the youth.
The personal encounters during the volunteer work contribute to significant personal development and build the volunteer’s character as a giving person.
The Le’oro Nelech regional managers professionally assist the school in work placement for the students throughout the process.
The school is required to appoint a coordinator who will be in continual contact with the regional Le’oro Nelech manager. The school will also receive assistance in financing student transportation to the volunteer place.

Our Areas of Volunteering

Israel Antiquities Authority:

The volunteers will be involved in sites of archeological excavations throughout the country and will also assist in preparing the Sanhedrin Trail in the north and the Kings of Judah Trail in the south. The volunteering work will be guided by certified tour guides from the Israel Antiquities Authority, as well as archeologists.

Israel Nature and Parks Authority:

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority has been recognized by the Ministry of Education as a licensed body for guiding youth in activities and volunteer work related to nature and heritage. The volunteers will clear paths, uproot and prune pine trees, transplant geophytes, paint benches, and more.

Farms for Agricultural and Environmental Education:

A farm for the study of agricultural and environmental sciences.
The volunteers build with wood, work in greenhouses, work as guides, clear paths, and more.

Israel antiquities authority

Israel nature and parks authority

Farms for agricultural education

Supporting holocaust survivors

People with special needs

Providing support and companionship for the elderly

Helping farmers

Commemorating fallen soldiers and supporting their families

Volunteering at after-school facilities for at-risk children

Volunteering at IDF bases

Caring for animals

Packing food for the needy