Join the thousands of Le’oro Nelech volunteers who believe that
“one good deed lights up the whole world”
and who live by the values of solidarity and giving,
to help the future generation of the State of Israel stand on their own feet.

Educational Program

The Educational Program

The "Arevim Ze Lazeh" Project

From personal development to social involvement

The leading “Le’Oro Nelech” project – “Arevim Ze Lazeh”- organizes the ongoing weekly volunteer work of 6,000 youth from 170 schools throughout the country. Young people devote their time and efforts volunteering in various settings, while engaging a wide range of populations, including the elderly, children, patients and people with special needs.
The students’ extensive volunteer work is accompanied by active learning. They attend workshops, enrichment seminars, and annual

events, all exclusively designed by our traning department. “Le’Oro Nelech” counselors guide the volunteers during special holiday
campaigns and group projects, as well as meet with them
individually to process their experiences and provide them with useful program materials for their weekly volunteer work. We look forward to expanding the program and recruiting thousands of other young volunteers, so as to increase out impact on the future of Israeli society.

Special Education in Action

education by working hand in hand with over 40 schools that teach students with various types of special needs, including delayed mental and physcical developments, autism, C.P, emotional and mental disorders and more. These students serve as volunteers themselves, thereby revolutionizing the educational approch toward young people with special needs. We are witnessing extraordinary and exciting results among students with special needs, who volunteer on a regular basis.

Aside from the immediate positive impact the program has on their lives, they are preparing for the future individual roles they will assume in the society. We invest great deal in guiding the students and creating volunteering opportunities that mach their capabilities. Within the framework of the program students attend and actively participate in enrichment workshops and seminars for individual empowerment. “Le’Oro Nelech” is seeking to expand its special education program, so as to include many more schools

The "Family of Hesed"

During recent years out Hesed and ‘Giving as a Way of Life’ educational programs have grown to include families as well, with the understanding that one’s education begins at home. We
threrefore create opportunities to perform acts of Hesed (kindness) and givingm as well as promote learning among parents and children in family settings. The program includes the publication of a colorful educational booklet for children, which oggers stories, illustrations and assignments relating to mutual responsibility. Furthermore, we organize holiday parties and campaigns for

parents and children, as well as “Summer Center” for families. The key components in each of these activities is giving and volunteering. The “Le’Oro Nelech” family program stands out in its ability to provide families with the oppourtunity to carry out acts of kindness, which enhance their experience and strengthen their family bonds. The “Family of Hesed” program is one of the organization’s most recent endeavors, and we look forward ti expanding and building the program in ways that will fullfil a lofty vision

The Youth Summer Center

“Le’Oro Nelech” operates a unique volunteering and giving program during the summer vacation. We recruit thousands of young pepikem, who dedicate their personal time to contributing to a range of national projects. their selection of volunteer settings include assisting budding communities in the periphery, working with farmers,

performing guard duty, helping to develop tourist attractions in various settelments and more. Groups devote 3-5 days to
volunteering together, while enjoying a unique and highly satisfying exoperience. Some 4,000 youth participate in the program each year, and we wish to significntly raise number of participants in the near future.

Family volunteering for you

Dear families!

Welcome to our website. We will be happy to help you coordinate and organize fun
and meaningful volunteering experiences during your visit to Israel.

In order to assist you as best we can:

  • Select your preferred date and location for volunteering
  • Contact us
  • We will offer you a range of volunteering options (a family volunteers, on average,
    between of 3-4 hours)
  • And you will gain an enjoyable family experience that will contribute to Israel!

Following is a list of the most frequently requested volunteering options:

  1. Agriculture – Help farmers at risk, who suffer from vandalism and other agricultural damage. Your volunteer work will strengthen the farmers’ morale and contribute to their work by carrying out a variety of assignments. These include paving trails, weeding, harvesting, sowing and more, which help the farmers save the lands of Israel.
  2. Preparing food packages for families in need – There are many Israeli families in need, whose Shabbat and weekday meals depend on the food supplied by welfare institutions. By helping to package the food, you will ensure the food is organized and delivered respectfully to the families in need.
  3. Volunteering in employment centers for people with disabilities – These centers employ people with disabilities from age 21 and above, who were unable to find work anywhere else. By employing them, the center provides them with a very limited source of income (an average monthly salary of 500 NIS). Not only will your volunteer work warm their hearts but it will help increase their monthly salary by dozens and hundreds of shekels. The work includes packaging, taping, cutting and more.
  4. Volunteering at old age centers – Many elderlies come to the old age center to alleviate their loneliness as well as to find company, but what happens when the only people they see upon arriving are other elderlies? By volunteering at the center, you will provide elderly with an opportunity to interact with younger people, talk and play games that we prepare for you in advance, as well as enjoy meeting seniors who, in most cases, played an active role in founding the state of Israel. In most cases they have a lot to share about their experiences since it was established…

Please contact Liron for further inquiries at 972-526-071877
or via e-mail

P.S – We provide this service free of charge. If you wish to make a donation and
become partners in our operation please visit our website’s donation tab.

Family volunteering for you - Spanish

Queridas familias!

Nos alegramos que habéis entrado a nuestro sitio. Será un placer ayudarles a coordinar y organizar una experiencia de acción voluntaria agradable y significativa durante vuestra visita en el país. 

Para que sea posible ayudarles en la forma más eficaz: 

Elijan la fecha y el lugar mas conveniente para la actividad voluntaria. 

Hagan contacto con nosotros. 

Les proponemos varias posibilidades de actividades voluntarias.

(El tiempo promedio para una actividad familiar es de 3 a 4 horas)

Uds. ganarán una experiencia familiar placentera y de apoyo a Israel! 

Los campos de actividad voluntaria mas difundidos y requeridos son:

1) Agricultura-  ayuda a agricultores que sufren de vandalismo y otros daños. 

Con su acción voluntaria ustedes apoyarán moralmente al agricultor y lo ayudarán en todo tipo de trabajos tales como levantar cercas, abrir senderos, limpiar malezas, cosecha, siembra, etc. ayudándolo a cuidar las tierras de Eretz Israel. 

2) Empacar paquetes de productos y alimentos para familias necesitadas – en Israel hay muchas familias necesitadas,  que las comidas del Sábado y de toda la semana dependen del reparto de comida de las instituciones de bienestar social. Con su ayuda voluntaria a la preparación de paquetes de alimentos,  se asegura que las familias necesitadas los reciban de una manera regular y respetable.

3) Actividad voluntaria en centros de ocupación para personas con ddiscapacidad – en esos centros de encuentran personas con discapacidad de 21 años de edad hasta ancianos, que no han sido aceptados a ningun otro lugar de trabajo. El centro les proviene una fuente de ocupación con un sueldo muy limitado (500 I.S. en promedio). Gracias a su acción voluntaria,  los empleados en el sitio disfrutarán de su compañía y asimismo gracias a su ayuda, gozaran de un considerable aumento de su salario ( decenas a cientos de I.S.). El trabajo incluye empaquetado,  pegado de etiquetas,  etc.

4) Actividad voluntaria en centros para ancianos.  Muchos ancianos llegan a estos centros para evitar la soledad,  pero que le pasa a aquellos ancianos que ven la mayor parte del tiempo sólo ancianos como ellos? 

Con su acción voluntaria,   ellos verán gente mas joven que lo que están acostumbrados a ver,  y juntos podrán conversar, jugar mediante un kit de juego que prepararemos para ustedes de antemano,  y gozar de una relación con gente que por lo general pertenece a la generación que creó al Estado de Israel,  gente que tiene mucho para contarles de lo que pasaron aquí durante sus años de existencia. 

Por cada pregunta se puede dirigir a Lirón, tel:972-526-071877 o por Email a


Nosotros proponemos y damos este servicio sin ningun costo de su parte.  Nos alegraría mucho si decidieran apoyarnos y ser socios de nuestra actividad mediante un aporte. A continuación el link