Join the thousands of Le’oro Nelech volunteers who believe that
“one good deed lights up the whole world”
and who live by the values of solidarity and giving,
to help the future generation of the State of Israel stand on their own feet.


Le'Oro Nelech awards, as stated by the award committees:

The President's Volunteering Award, 2016

Le'Oro Nelech received the President's Volunteering Award in 2016 for the volunteer work carried out by thousands of youth throughout Israeli society, while creating dialogue between secular and religious populations. The ceremony was held at the President's residence and was attended by the President and the heads of leading volunteer organizations in Israel.

The South Region Award, 2017

The award was granted to the educational volunteering center, Le'Oro Nelech, with appreciation and gratitude for its outstanding operation to bridge gaps in Israeli society by nurturing young leadership in a social matriculation diploma track.

The Jerusalem Prize for Community Volunteering, 2018

The prize was awarded to the Le'Oro Nelech organization for recruiting youth to volunteer and assist senior citizens, children, and people in need, based on a spiritual-educational commitment to the principle of "Ve'Ahavata Le're'acha Ka'mocha" (Love your neighbor as yourself), which will, G-d willing, lead to the advancement of Israeli society.